SessionBand Drums 1 App yorumlar


Time change 60 to 68 or...??? Why not 60 to 120-150-200 ... 800 what? Only A B C... Crap! Session Band Jazz, is an other world!!!

Poor quality

There are a number of issues with this app. One, in this day and age where you can buy excellent drum loops for little money, this app is light years behind. There are a handful of fills for each profession. There is no way of knowing what pattern or fill does what. My oh have to go through each one and write it down to keep track of it. The audio quality is poor. You can hear the high hat stand or pedal squeaking. There are awful overtones from the snare on some of the tracks. Basically, if you just want a limited metronome with real drum sounds then this may work for you. If are hoping for a drum program that raises the bar and could be useful for recording on an iPad this falls way short.

Useful tool

A really great tool and application for creating great drum tracks right on your iPad! Mixing my own beats is really easy and fun with this tool. The layout and design of the app makes it easy to use. If you love to create drum tracks this is the perfect tool in your arsenal!

I was expecting more...

I'm using this on an iphone. I don't like the sound of the loops when you change the tempo even a little bit. The arrangement of loops is hard to navigate, just a big list that doesn't include the tempo in the title or an audio preview and the program doesn't remember your place when you go back to the loops from the arrangement. I could take an arrangement like this A-A-A-Afill-B-B-B-Bfill-C-C-C-Cfill apply all the styles I want, export them and delete the program. Garageband or Sampletank may do a better job of changing the tempo, I don't know.


I've purchased almost all of the other SessionBand volumes, but this one really missed the mark. No more than a so-so drum machine. I expected a bit more, seeing that the other ones were really good. Hopefully UK music get back to the full band editions. Those are great.Still looking for the Rock/Metal volume2.

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